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Cemex completes Raynes Quarry improvement

A picture of a yellow crane in a quarry with the sea in the background

Building materials supplier Cemex has completed its investment in an improvement programme on the site at its Raynes Quarry, in Conwy, North Wales.

Situated between the towns of Llanddulas and Old Colwyn, Cemex’s Raynes Quarry supplies a range of aggregates to builders, landscapers, and businesses working on small, medium, and large builds and projects in the local area.

The improvement and maintenance programme was undertaken to enhance the working environment for Cemex employees in conjunction with improved plant efficiency.

A major part of the upgrade work has included the replacement of four conveyor units, dating back to before the 1960s. In addition, some of the quarry’s traditional ladders have been replaced with modern stairways to increase accessibility and safety around the plant.

Commenting on the completion of its improvement programme, David Hakes, senior project manager, Cemex, said: “The refurbishment at Raynes Quarry was conducted during a four-week production shutdown. Sales were maintained by road and sea during the works and underpinned by excellent communication and coordination between supply chain, operations, and engineering teams over several months of planning. Critically, the works were completed safely with up to 12 contractors on site at the same time.”

Mick Ripley, Cemex Raynes Quarry Manager, added: “The conveyors at Raynes Quarry had reached the end of their serviceable life and needed to be replaced. One of the conveyors removed we believe is more than 60 years old and representative of the rich history and longevity of production at the site as well as the quality of the plant equipment and machinery at Cemex, which is built to last. Today’s modern-day replacements will be no different in terms of the exacting standards and high-performance specification for resilience and endurance.”

Contractors for the works at Raynes Quarry included Bennetts Conveyors, PCS Electrical, and Axon Electrical.