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Cemex launch Vertua brand enhancement

Vertua portfolio restructured to allow for easier identification of the most sustainable options

CEMEX have restructured their Vertua portfolio to allow for easier identification of the most sustainable options available to customers. The new Vertua system now provides a more detailed and enhanced view of the specific characteristics of a product’s environmental impact.

The Vertua brand now covers five sustainability attributes: lower carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency, saving water, incorporating recycled materials, and optimising design. These attributes have been identified in line with Cemex’s dedicated climate action strategy, Future in Action, which targets operation as a net-zero company globally by 2050.


Any products to bear the Vertua brand must meet strict criteria for at least one of these sustainable attributes, with the benefits clearly and transparently presented for customers on a fact label. These new labels also fulfil the function of promoting the most technical part of each attribute and will be applied on assets including packaging, websites and brochures.

The launch of this updated brand portfolio has now commenced in Cemex’s European business. It starts in France this week, where the company is appearing at the Low Carbon World exhibition in Paris from 5–6 April. Deployment will continue across the region, with all countries anticipated to have integrated the new brand into their operations by June.

Sergio Menendez, president of Cemex EMEA, commented: ‘Cemex are attuned to the need to focus on all aspects that can make a product more sustainable; not just achieving a lower carbon footprint. With the updated classification system for Vertua, customers can now more easily identify which of our products leverage the cutting-edge technology and innovation that will enable them to overcome the challenges they are currently facing in construction and renovation, such as thermal regulation of buildings, soil permeability and conservation of natural resources.

‘The enhanced Vertua brand represents a more ambitious and stronger approach – from a group of low-carbon products to a family of products and solutions that encompass more sustainable attributes and contribute to our company vision of building a better future.’

Cemex say Vertua’s goal is to be positioned as a brand that offers a comprehensive and crucial range of environmental attributes, from lower energy to use of recycled materials, expanding its field of action and strengthening its sustainability credentials.