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CEMEX achieve milestone 41% CO2 reduction in Europe

Company also expects to exceed its 2030 European CO2 emissions reduction aspiration

CEMEX achieved a milestone 41% reduction* in the CO2 emissions generated by their European cement business in 2022, demonstrating the company’s dedication to increasing the sustainability of its operations through a concerted climate action strategy: Future in Action.

A fifth of the total reduction attained since 1990 happened in the last two years, with a drop of more than 12% from 2020 performance, clearly showing the acceleration of CEMEX’s efforts to cut emissions.

Sergio Menendez, regional president for CEMEX EMEA, commented: ‘We are very proud to have reached a 41% reduction in CO2 emissions generated by our European cement business, and this is all thanks to the commitment of our teams to pursuing climate action, circularity, and natural resource management.

‘As we begin to implement the next stages in our climate action strategy, we now expect to exceed our 2030 aspiration of hitting a 55% CO2 reduction in our European operations. While we are progressing important carbon capture projects and policy advocacy for our ultimate net-zero target, these 2030 interim aspirations are not reliant on this technology.’

‘This is certainly a challenging target, but I am confident that with innovative thinking, close collaboration between our different business areas, and further development of our regulatory framework, it is both feasible and profitable. This sustained effort is vital if we are to meet our global, primary objective of becoming a net-zero CO2 company by 2050.’

CEMEX’s European cement operations were able to achieve the substantial CO2 emission reduction in 2022 thanks to significant developments in their climate action activity, including a large investment in a new alternative-fuels facility in the UK, investment in solar energy at sites in countries including Germany and Poland, plus an increasing supply of the company’s more sustainable Vertua products across the region.

* Compared with 1990 baseline