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Makinex launch MS-150 Mixing Station

The MS150 Mixing Station can blend up to six bags in seven minutes while ensuring precise pouring and reduced waste.

Makinex introduce the MS-150 Mixing Station, a new tool designed to improve flooring preparation and worker health.

The MS-150 is ideal for mixing self-levelling cements, compounds, and epoxies, delivering a consistent mix every time.

Makinex will launch the MS-150 Mixing Station this month (June) with the new model building on the company's existing range of concrete accessories and equipment, providing an advanced, portable solution that mixes up to six bags in seven minutes with precision and reduced waste.

The MS-150 Mixing Station can blend up to six bags in seven minutes with precise pouring and reduced waste. It saves time and labour on flooring projects while reducing operator fatigue and injury thanks to its ergonomic, lightweight design. The unit ensures precise mixing and pouring in one integrated system.

A key feature of the MS-150 is its removable vacuum attachment, which helps to control spills and dust. This reduces airborne particles, a significant concern in construction due to their links to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer. The MS-150 aims to mitigate these health risks for workers.

Rory Kennard, CEO of Makinex, says: “At Makinex, we constantly strive to improve our products and industry practices. The MS-150 is an upgrade from the MS-100, offering greater size and mobility along with new features that our customers will appreciate."

Launching during Makinex’s 20th anniversary year, the MS-150 joins a range of popular products, including the award-winning Floor Stripper and the Hose2Go constant pressure water supply unit.

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