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SigmaRoc release latest update on sustainability efforts

CCP's cement-free, carbon-negative concrete blocks CCP's cement-free, carbon-negative concrete blocks

Update on initiatives set out as part of the Group’s ambition to reach net zero by 2040

SPECIALIST quarried materials group SigmaRoc plc have provided an update on their latest sustainability initiatives, set out as part of the Group’s ambition to reach net zero by 2040.

SigmaRoc Group company CCP Building Products, the UK’s leading supplier of concrete blocks, have partnered with Carbon8 to develop cement-free, carbon-negative concrete blocks. These blocks will be produced using SigmaRoc’s Greenbloc technology together with Carbon8’s carbon-negative aggregates.

Greenbloc technology is based upon reducing the cement content in concrete, which contributes the highest amount of carbon. CCP have developed a process which uses ground granulated blast-furnace slag (ggbs) as the main raw ingredient. Carbon8’s technology captures and stores more CO2 in the aggregates than is released in the manufacturing process, resulting in a carbon-negative block.

Meanwhile, Nordkalk have recently entered into a collaboration with OX2, which focuses on the development of fossil-free energy, including e-fuel production opportunities in Gotland, Sweden. The e-fuel produced by the partnership will be earmarked for use in Nordkalk’s co-located production facilities or for shipment to other industries.

Nordkalk have also announced that they will launch two new suites of ‘revolutionary products’ in their sustainable product range – Nordkalk Complete and Nordkalk Next. The ranges will consist of products made of a minimum of 33% circular materials and 100% circular materials, CO2-neutral products, and products produced with a minimum of 33% fossil-free energy. Nordkalk Complete and Nordkalk Next will be available from 2024 in Finland and Sweden, with further roll-out planned as production increases.

Finally, following initial commissioning at Köping in Sweden, the Aqualung CO2 capture module has started the second phase of its programme, consisting of the preparation of captured CO2 for industrial use. A dedicated purification, compression, and liquefaction unit was installed to transform captured CO2 into an industrial gas capable of being using in industrial processes or sequestered in CCS facilities. Further updates will follow in the New Year.

Max Vermorken, chief executive officer of SigmaRoc, commented: ‘We are very pleased with the progress made on all ESG initiatives. We keep demonstrating we can lead the sector both in reducing our CO2 footprint, utilization of materials, circular product development, and general innovation.’