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WCA launches The Cement Network

Specialist networking platform launched in collaboration with The World Cement Network

THE World Cement Association (WCA) announced today the official launch of its specialist networking platform, The Cement Network, in co-operation with The World Cement Network (WCN).

The innovative platform is designed to cultivate collaboration within the sector, enable the development of talent, and offer expert human resources services. The Cement Network will serve the global cement industry by bringing together professionals and organizations from around the globe.

Harnessing the power of digital technology, the initiative will unite industry experts, cement producers, suppliers, and service providers on a single platform.

Key features of The Cement Network are:

  1. Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaboration and opening doors to potential partnerships.

  2. Job Marketplace: Explore career opportunities and connect with recruiters and talent within the cement industry.

  3. Corporate Job Postings: Discover and apply for job openings at prominent industry players.

  4. Coaching: Access industry experts who will support your personal and professional development.

‘The Cement Network serves as a unifying platform for industry professionals, encouraging innovation and sustainable practices while addressing the ever-evolving challenges faced by the cement sector,’ said the WCA’s founder and director, Emir Adiguzel. ‘By facilitating an open exchange of ideas and fostering collaboration, the WCA aims to steer the industry toward a more efficient, and prosperous future.’

Ian Riley, the WCA’s chief executive officer, added: ‘I encourage our members and industry professionals everywhere to take advantage of this platform to help get the right people in the right jobs and develop the talent in the worldwide cement community.’