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RBL showcases efficiency with MMC precast foundation system

Concrete beams lying on the ground at a construction site Roger Bullivant Limited installed 1,685 driven precast concrete piles and 5,900 linear metres of RBeam, used Modern Methods of Construction to enhance efficiency and quality at CALA Homes' Killlearn development.

Foundation engineering specialist Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL) has successfully completed the first phase of works at a residential site in Killearn, Scotland for CALA Homes.

This first phase involved installation of 1,685 driven precast concrete piles and 5,900 linear metres of RBeam, utilising Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to enhance efficiency and quality.

RBL’s approach integrates MMC principles by combining driven precast concrete piles with the RBeam system, offering a cohesive and efficient foundation solution. This method streamlines on-site processes, reduces construction times, and optimises resource use without compromising on quality.

The project in Killearn required a robust foundation for 89 homes. RBL employed 200mm square precast piles, designed and manufactured in-house, chosen for their suitability for the site’s ground conditions, which include sand and silt mixtures. The use of MMC ensured precision and consistency in the installation process.

"The integration of driven precast concrete piles and RBeam at Killearn underscores our commitment to innovation and efficiency through MMC," says Gavin Hay, Scotland area manager at Roger Bullivant Limited. "By adopting MMC, we have not only accelerated project timelines but also enhanced safety standards and minimised environmental impact."

Ruairidh Mackinnon, senior site manager at CALA Homes, praised the project’s execution: "Roger Bullivant Limited’s driven precast concrete pile and RBeam system has provided a robust and time-efficient foundation solution for our site at Killearn. The MMC approach ensured the system was installed safely and efficiently, with RBL maintaining high standards of workmanship and programme management, resulting in the project’s timely and high-quality completion."

Driven precast concrete piles offer several benefits over traditional methods. Their precision-engineered design ensures consistent performance across diverse ground conditions, while their use with the RBeam system ensures a strong and durable foundation. The application of MMC principles further guarantees the longevity and structural integrity of the development for CALA Homes.