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RotaLube launch handheld lubrication kit

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Conveyor lubrication technology specialist RotaLube have launched the RotaLube ECO Lubrication Kit, an innovative handheld solution that aims to improve cost and operational efficiency.

David Chippendale, director of RotaLube and an experienced conveyor engineer, developed the original sprocket-shaped applicator to address common lubrication issues in conveyor systems. Inefficient lubrication often leads to production downtimes, excessive wear, unnecessary oil use, and product damage from oil contamination. Traditional methods usually miss crucial parts of the chain, applying lubricant indiscriminately.

Chippendale's applicator ensures lubricant is applied precisely where needed. Initially part of an automated system, the applicator has now been adapted for use with a handheld spray can.

“The automated RotaLube system is effective, but not suitable for all customers due to space constraints, low lubrication frequency needs, or budget limitations,” explains Chippendale. “Our goal was to make precise lubrication accessible to a broader spectrum of customers.”

Sprockets and chain

The new RotaLube ECO Lubrication Kit includes everything needed for targeted lubrication using a handheld spray can. It comprises a RotaLube applicator, mounting bracket, flexible tube, aerosol can adapter, connectors, and a restrictor to control lubricant release. It is compatible with various chain pitch sizes, from 9.5 mm to 38 mm (3/8” to 1 ½”), and works with any appropriate lubricant. RotaLube recommends its biodegradable chain lubricant for optimal performance.

“The ‘ECO’ in the name highlights both the economic and ecological benefits of the kit,” says Chippendale. “It's a cost-effective alternative to automated systems and supports environmental care by reducing oil consumption and spillages. The flexible tube design also promotes safe and efficient maintenance by enabling technicians to apply lubricant from a distance, without removing safety guards.”

Wires in a box

The RotaLube ECO Lubrication Kit is designed to help conveyor operators reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. Chippendale is excited for the market’s response and looks forward to feedback from customers.

“The development of this kit showcases our commitment to understanding and addressing market challenges,” he concludes. “We are dedicated to continuous innovation to ensure our solutions meet the diverse needs of our customers. The RotaLube ECO Lubrication Kit is a testament to this commitment, bringing the advantages of precise lubrication to more operators and enhancing the efficiency of their operations.”