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Sublime Systems chooses Holyoke for low-carbon cement plant

The skyline of Holyoke, Massachusetts
The skyline of Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Sublime Systems, pioneers of a fossil-fuel-free, scalable alternative to traditional cement, has finalized the location for its inaugural commercial manufacturing facility in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The 16-acre site, situated on Water Street in the Flats neighborhood, represents a significant step toward sustainable concrete production. 

CEO Dr. Leah Ellis highlighted Holyoke's historical industrial significance and its suitability for clean-tech manufacturing. The Water Street location, powered by Holyoke's hydroelectric resources, aligns with Sublime's commitment to environmentally friendly cement production.

The collaboration between Sublime Systems and Holyoke's Mayor Joshua A. Garcia, City Council, and the Healey-Driscoll Administration has led to the awarding of crucial incentives, including a state tax credit and local Tax Increment Financing. These incentives aim to support job creation and bolster the green manufacturing economy in Massachusetts. 

Dr. Leah Ellis emphasized the Water Street site's attributes, including ample space, industrial zoning, access to renewable hydroelectricity, utilities, and rail connectivity. Sublime Systems expressed gratitude to local authorities and community groups for their support in advancing cleaner cement manufacturing technology.

Holyoke Mayor Joshua A. Garcia sees Sublime Systems' project as a transformative step towards a greener and economically vibrant future. The initiative aligns with Holyoke's vision of innovation, prosperity, and environmental responsibility.

Sublime Systems plans to commission its Holyoke facility by 2026, producing tens of thousands of tons per year of its low-carbon Sublime Cement. This groundbreaking approach involves manufacturing without fossil fuels or decomposing limestone, addressing major emissions sources in traditional cement production.

Guided by the federal Justice40 initiative, Sublime Systems chose Holyoke due to its dual opportunity to assist the local community and make a substantial impact on global CO2 emissions. The company actively engaged with local groups, including One Holyoke Community Development Corporation (CDC), to ensure community input in their decision-making process.

The investment in Holyoke signifies a commitment to revitalizing the Flats neighborhood and demonstrates the potential of industrial cities leading the next clean energy transition. Sublime Systems' project aims to set an example for other businesses looking to grow operations in environmentally conscious communities.