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Webuild to construct three dams in Saudi Arabia's NEOM

A render of a dam at Saudia Arabia's Neom

Italy's largest construction company, WeBuild has won a US$4.7 billion contract to build three dams in Saudi Arabia's NEOM development.

The main dam will be made of roller-compacted concrete (RCC) and will be 145m high, 475m long, and have a volume of approximately 2.7 million m³. 

The second dam will also be in RCC, while the third will be in rock, with a volume of 4.3 million m³. The artificial lake will cover an area of 1.5 km² and will have an island reserved for botanical dives and walks.

The Lake, which will be the largest architecturally crafted body of water in Saudi Arabia, is a central feature of Trojena’s LAVA-designed master plan. Sitting at the centre of the development, it will be key to Trojena’s ambition to sustain and regenerate the area’s vibrant natural environment, offer clean, serene outdoor mountain living, and become a global hub for water sports and entertainment.

A schematic showing the scope of work being undertaken by Webuild at Neom

Philip Gullett, executive director – region head at Trojena, said: “We have already completed around three million cubic meters of excavation at the lake site, and we continue to excavate 90,000 cubic meters of rock per week. Importantly are implementing a sustainable approach by using all the rock excavated and reusing it for the lakebed lining and dam construction. This is a crucial stage of the project’s overall development, and we are excited to see works get underway.”