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Danjiang Bridge climbs upwards

The cable-stayed Danjiang Bridge, currently under construction in Taipei, will serve as a transport link between the Bali and Tamsui Districts. (Photo: PERI SE)

The Danjiang Bridge over the Tamsui River on the outskirts of Taipei is taking giant strides towards record-breaking proportions. 

The structure, designed by the late Iran-born architect Zaha Hadid, is expected to be the world’s longest asymmetric cable-stayed bridge upon completion in 2025, at an impressive 920m.

When complete, the bridge’s pier is set to rise 200m above the river. Designing and constructing such a huge structure required detailed planning to comply with strict safety guidelines with PERI providing individually planned and coordinated formwork and engineering solutions, ensuring the unusual design could be constructed safely and on schedule.

Situated in the centre of the bridge, the eye-catching pier towers into the air in the shape of an upturned “Y” with its two legs in the river. Two sets of stay cables will run in parallel on either side of the pier, 450m to the west and 175m to the east, giving the structure a futuristic appearance and the name, The Serene Dancer of the Night.

To realise the complex structure PERI developed a freeform formwork system specifically for the project to construct 3,000 m² of the entire surface. The complex, ever-changing shape of the pier, which stretches upwards over 53 sections, posed the biggest challenge, which PERI met with its VARIO, SCS, and ACS formwork solutions, which were individually adapted to the pier’s varying geometry.  

Once completed, the bridge will connect Tamsui District in New Taipei City with the Bali District across the river – thus relieving the pressure on other transport routes. In addition, the Danjiang Bridge will become a new, unmistakable landmark of the city.